Orange, the curriculum we follow,

aligns the church and the family. We believe that two combined influences make a greater impact than just two influences. When the light of the church (yellow) combines with the heart of the home (red) you get a stronger, lasting impact in the life of a kid. An ‘orange’ result.

Our Little Creeker curriculum provides the strategy and tools needed to create an engaging, inspiring, and excellent environment to give preschoolers a foundation of faith that will last a lifetime. 

Our KidsCreek  ministry curriculum weaves together music, Bible lessons taught in a large group format, small group discussions, video presentations, and creative activities based on a clear and simple bottom line each week, so kids walk away remembering what matters most.



Our Little Creekers are cared for well in an attentive, loving and nurturing environment, appropriate to their age. As they get a little older, they learn 3 truths during their time with us God Made Me, God Loves Me, and Jesus Wants to be My Friend Forever.We teach these through memorable activities, interactive bible story lessons and singing during large group time.



During these beginning elementary school years, your child will learn what it means to live out an everyday kind of faith. During large group time, children will hear engaging Bible stories and sing joyful, exciting songs to Jesus. Children will also build lasting friendships during small group time which focuses on lesson application.



4th & 5th

This older group of elementary students are given a notebook to learn how to take down the key points and key texts of their lesson.
Before heading off to middle school, children will learn the basic themes and stories of the Bible and be able to:
(1) See God for who He really is,
(2) See themselves the way God does,
(3) See and love others the way God does,
(4) See the world through the lense of God's Word.


We're visiting for the first time!  What should I do?
You can get a head start for check in!  Feel free to download this guest registration form and bring it to the Kids Creek Desk.  You can also get this form at the desk when you arrive.
Guest Registration Form

What time should I arrive?

We recommend arriving at 8:45 at door #4 on the west side of the building.  This allows ample time to get your children checked in and to get you to the worship service which starts at 9:00.  If you are only going to 10:30 service, arrive at 10:15.

How do I know my children are safe?
Upon checkin, each child receives name tag with a companion parent tag.  That parent tag must be presented to pick up the child after the service.  Each of our children's workers must pass a thorough background check.  Spring Creek's security team is engaged and on duty throughout the services.  If a parent is needed, we will contact that parent via cell phone.


Children's Pastor

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